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10 tips so that they do not charge you more on bars and restaurants this Christmas
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  • 21/08/2022

10 tips so that they do not charge you more on bars and restaurants this Christmas

Christmas dinners and foods with co -workers, friends and family are a tradition that does not always end with the best taste in mouth.Conflicts when dividing the invoice can be accessed if the receipt contains unjustified costs.The COVID supplement, the price of seafood "according to market" or the first appetizer are concepts to which you must pay attention.In addition, this year a new collection has become fashionable, such as Table.The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) warns of the most frequent problems and gives 10 advice to prevent them from becoming more in bars and restaurants during these parties.

1.It is legal in advance for a table reservation, but its cost must be discounted after the final price.In addition, it must contemplate the cancellation and refund due to force majeure, such as, among other diseases, the coronavirus;Not only by the disease declared, but also by direct contact or other situations where prudence recommends not presenting in the establishment.

two.Terrace supplements can be charged, provided that it is reported.The ideal would be to break down its cost, it is not enough to assume it as a percentage on the base price.Again it is necessary to have informed in advance of the amount, indicating it in the letter and the establishment.And must appear on the bill.

3.It is still legal to collect a supplement for COVID measures to clean or disinfect, but in addition to previously informing, its cost has to be adjusted and proportional: distributed between the hotelier and the client.

4.If an uninquented snack is offered, it is advisable to ask if it is free.It is legal to charge it whenever it appears detailed in the price list, as well as the PAN, detailing the price for diner or unit.In the case of the PAN, we must pay attention to whether the price is per unit, because every time you ask for more, you will join the account.

5.Be careful with the price "according to market".Fish, meats and seafood with a price in the letter according to market, must include a base or reference weight that allows the consumer to know the approximate price.Other times they indicate "price according to weight", as it varies depending on the weight of the piece.In these cases they should at least indicate a reference weight (for example, the amount per 100 g) that allows the consumer to get an idea of the approximate price of that dish.

10 consejos para que no te cobren de más en bares y restaurantes esta Navidad

6.If a product is offered out of letter, it must be explicitly informed of its price, otherwise the consumer can refuse to pay and offer in return the payment of a similar dish that records in the price letter.

7.Tap water can be collected, provided it appears detailed in the price list.The latest fashion is to serve tap water but "treated" (filtered, osmotized...or simply in a “fashion” container), which gives the ideal excuse to charge for it, denounces the OCU.The organization claims a national law that forces to offer it for free and complementary to packaged water.Along these lines, charging for the ice of a soda or coffee milk is an abusive practice in the eyes of the OCU, but if it is intended to be applied, it should be reported on the price list and previously reported.

8.Charging for table service or covered is illegal.It is implicit in the hospitality service itself.

9.They cannot swell the invoice by applying an additional 10% to the letter price simply for adding VAT.According to national legislation, the "VAT not included" warning is not allowed, although it appears in the menu.The prices that are communicated in the letter or price list must already have the VAT added.

10.The establishment is obliged to deliver ticket or invoice always in detail of all products.It is essential in the event that the consumer then decided to claim or suffer intoxication.

Having all these tips in mind, the final recommendation is to compare the invoice before paying to verify that they have not been charged.If after expressing your complaints with education and arguments, the establishment refuses to rectify, you can request a claim sheet where to record what happened.If they refuse to give it to him, the municipal police can be notified.In addition, the OCU makes an online platform available to consumers on its website https: // www.Ocu.Org/claim that it allows companies to be claimed.



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