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5 high-waisted skinny jeans want to be the stars in 2022
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By likemybags

  • 09/02/2022

5 high-waisted skinny jeans want to be the stars in 2022

FashionFlattering and timeless, the keys to wearing skinny jeans this season is to focus on the designs that stylize and frame our waist.

By Cecilia Suarez Olvera

In a world of dizzying changes, trends come and go, however, skinny jeans seem to be immune, managing to keep their leading place in our wardrobe. They may not be among the most worn on recent catwalks, since that site is mainly monopolized by loose-fitting or straight-cut models, especially those with a very low waist. However, this other form-fitting design has never left street style, and neither have many of our favorite fast fashion stores.

To the question, Are skinny jeans still in trend in 2022? There may be different answers depending on the scene being watched. While the great fashion houses have declared that at least until now they are a thing of the past, a walk through the streets of your city will be enough to determine that its silhouette is far from abandoning our daily combinations, appealing to its versatility and accessibility at the moment. to style them with all kinds of garments.

See moreIf you refuse to give up skinny jeans, here is the inspiration to combine them

By Rebeca Domenech

Regardless of the model in question, the skinny jeans in trend, according to urban fashion, are those that share the same characteristic: the high waist. It is a sensational option to wear throughout the year, and which incidentally provides us with a balanced silhouette, which makes them extremely flattering for all, lengthening our legs and accentuating our waist. We list a series of proposals that you can find at affordable prices at Zara.

So are the high-waisted skinny jeans proposed by Zara

The Infallible Blacks

Perhaps the greatest advantage of dark denim is that it serves as an accurate wild card to enhance any garment that complements them, no matter if it is another wardrobe staple, such as a white shirt, or a statement piece. of style for its voluminous proportions. Combining black skinny jeans is one of the simplest things there can be, as long as the mix of patterns and/or prints is not excessive.

classic blue denim

While Coach and Louis Vuitton opted for the classic blue denim of a lifetime to make their straight-fit pants in its simplest version, Dolce & Gabbana also resorts to it in broken proposals, full of shiny jewels for Spring/Summer 2022. Whether in its most simplistic version or full of decorative details, skinny jeans in traditional blue are elemental. And if they are the only ones we have in inventory, they will be ready to be combined with everything.

with subtle openings

Although the trending jeans we saw parading for the Spring/Summer 2022 collections make use of loose silhouettes, it is a fact that cut-outs in denim have made a major comeback in all their presentations. It is another of the nostalgic details of the nineties and two thousand that we saw parading for firms such as Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2 and Sandro.

It is also present in fast fashion, finding the right balance to give casual airs to our combinations with the possibility of wearing them with long-sleeved blouses, shirts or blazers.

Greys, for that 'something different'

When we have already made the basics, alternatives in colored denim or in a gray palette, they can be the answer when we want to bet on something that comes out of what we wear every day without great variations. Without fades or openings, the Spanish brand has basic proposals that it suggests wearing with cropped blouses and strappy sandals, although you can also wear them perfectly with sneakers with chunky soles, moccasins or combat boots.

With asymmetric hem

Sometimes it's the little details that make a garment instantly that much more interesting, even when the unexpected cut is subtle. While sometimes we find it in imposing openings, other times it can manifest itself in asymmetrical, worn and/or frayed hems.



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