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How to combine black pants: casual and formal looks to succeed

If there is a basic that should be yes or yes in your wardrobe, that is without a doubt the black pants. There are a series of garments that should not be missing among your favorites, because thanks to them you can create infinite combinations, both for your day to day and for the most special occasions.

Black pants are that garment that gets you out of trouble when you have no idea what to wear, it is the key piece when it comes to showing off your working girl outfits, and it is also perfect for a more casual occasion. Be that as it may, black pants can be your great ally, and will always be there when you need it.

However, there are still those who have doubts about how to combine black pants and exude style on all four sides. Well, you've come to the right place. We tell you what are the best casual and formal looks to succeed. Take note!

  1. Why you should have black pants in your wardrobe
  2. How to wear black pants perfectly
  3. 5 formal looks with black pants
  4. Casual looks with black pants

Why you should have black pants in your wardrobe

Although we have already given you some reasons to have black pants, it is worth reminding you of everything that this versatile garment can do for you. Whatever material it is (leather, jeans, linen...), this piece is ideal for all the occasions that come to mind.

+ Black pants go with everything

Any color looks great with a garment of that hue. Being such a dark color, you can wear a shirt with light or soft tones, or even create a total black. Any option will be ideal.

+ You can use it as many times as you want

You may only have a pair of black pants, but let us tell you, that one will suffice. As you can combine it with any garment, it will seem that your pants are completely different from the ones you wear on a regular basis.

+ Give an elegant touch to your looks

Black is the color of elegance par excellence, so it's perfect to go to a work meeting, or an event that requires a certain etiquette. But it is also ideal for casual styling, combined with the necessary garments.

How to wear black pants perfectly

As we said, black pants are ideal to wear a casual look, for your day to day and to go out with your friends whenever you want. But it is also perfect to go to work, or for a more formal event. Be that as it may, it all depends on your style, your tastes, and when you want to wear those black pants that you like so much.

Therefore, to help you in your choice, we are going to separate the casual outfits from the more elegant ones. Choose the one you like the most, and you'll see how you'll never wonder what to wear again if you have pants of that color in your wardrobe. Let's start!

5 formal looks with black pants

1 Black&White

If black pants are a basic that cannot be missing in your dressing room, exactly the same thing happens with the white shirt. And if we combine the two garments in the same set, the result will be a simple, easy and most special style to wear on any occasion.

The black and white binomial is ideal, and offers multiple combinations in terms of accessories. You can continue with the line of both colors for a more serious date, or add a touch of color to your shoes, bag and jewelry. You will be perfect!

2 Essential outfit with blazer

A set that never goes unnoticed is black pants and a blazer, whatever the color and pattern. You can wear skinny jeans, jean type to reduce the seriousness of your outfit, and combine them with a plaid blazer in a softer color than your jeans.

On your feet, ankle boots with a little heel will stylize your legs even more. You can add a bag of a bright color, to give your outfit more originality. Of course, remember that not everything goes, and everything has to go in harmony so as not to be excessive.

3 High heels or stilettos

High-heeled shoes, or stilettos, are ideal to elevate a look to the highest. And if it is a black pants, much better. The reason? The visual effect of black pants and stilettos will make your legs look much longer, slimmer and slimmer. Sounds good right?

Combine these two pieces with any garment that has a hint of elegance. For example, a white, black or the same color shirt as your shoes. A coat or blazer in a bright color, or in a neutral tone, and that's it!

4 Total look black

How about a total black look? Sure you think it's a bit boring outfit, but let us tell you that nothing is further from reality. A black look is elegance squared, and it can serve you for practically any occasion where you need to maintain a certain formality.

You can add color through accessories, capable of changing a look completely, both in your shoes and in your bag, earrings or necklaces. But, if you prefer to remain faithful to the color black, forget about the color and opt for some dark accessories. Wonderful!

5 Suit jacket and pants

You may find this look very similar to the previous one, the one with the blazer. But in this case, your suit jacket will be exactly the same shade as your pants. An advice? Put on a shirt of some light color, or even white. In this way you can add more distinction to your outfit.

Casual looks with black pants

1 In combination with sneakers

The same black pants that you have used to create a look from the previous examples can be used to combine with sneakers. Yes, you read it right. White sneakers, or the color you want to match your upper garments, are perfect for an informal style.

Combine your look with the appropriate accessories, and you will have a style with which all eyes will be captured. You can also opt for vinyl pants to give your wardrobe a more chic touch.

2 Originality with colored t-shirts

Basic colored t-shirts and different prints should be present in your wardrobe. You never know when you are going to use them, or when they can be of great help to you, right? Combine this type of shirt with black pants, and you will be the most original of all.

Accompany the look with sports shoes, or with Converse-type sneakers, and you will have your style ready. If it's a little cold, don't forget to put on a good coat on top of your look. You can use a feather, a simple parka or even a cloth coat, one of those that you would wear to go to an elegant date.

3 sweaters of any color

Sweaters, whether oversized or a little close to the body, are ideal for those days when the temperature is not too cold and you can do without a coat. But they are also perfect to face winter, combined with a good coat that protects you from low temperatures.

Be that as it may, the jerseys combine very well with the black pants. Choose the color that you like the most, or the pattern that you prefer, and make it the protagonist of your look. How to do it? Put on black pants, some boots of the same color, and a dark bag. Your jumper will draw attention on its own.

4 Jacket or denim shirt: perfect!

The jacket or the denim shirt are also garments that combine with everything, right? You should not lose sight of them, as they can create a very special look to go to the movies, spend the afternoon with friends, or even to go to a hard work day.

Combine your denim shirt (or your jacket) with black trousers, and add a touch of originality with the help of accessories. Lace-up ankle boots, a bag in a bright color or pattern, a matching scarf... Any option is valid if you know how to wear it with great style.

5 A leather biker

Do you prefer to give a rocky touch to your look? Bet on the leather biker! The black leather jacket, together with pants of the same tone, will create a look only suitable for the most daring. Combine it with red accessories, or even with a lipstick of this vibrant shade, and you will be ideal.

As you already know, an ideal look will never be complete without an ideal makeup, right? For this reason, in our II Meeting #EntreNosotras we invited the specialist David Francés to give us the keys and advice to achieve expert makeup. A make up for a special occasion, ideal to combine with your favorite black pants. You sign up?

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