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Despite health emergency by COVID-19, the center of the capital resists locking Covid: why T vaccines could be the key to long-term immunity

After the announcement on Monday night of the Government of Mexico City of the Declaration of Health Emergency by the Pandemia of Covid-19, the Mexican capital continued yesterday with its slow process of ‘off’.

Bars, terraces, restaurants, clothing stores, and commercial squares, lowered the blind to join theaters, theaters, and museums, which also stopped work since last week, and to the companies and corporations that, two weeks ago, sent toYour employees to make 'Home Office'.

However, through the streets of the Historic Center, one of the traditional thermometers of the Mexican capital, a resistance to fulfilling the mandate of the federal and capital governments of staying at home to keep the coronavirus, which until yesterday, which until yesterdayTuesday already added more than 1,200 confirmed cases and 29 dead.

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"I come to work" "I am doing some procedures", or "I go to the bank to see if they already deposited the fortnight", were, in fact, the most repeated phrases by the pedestrians of Madero Street, which yesterday recorded moreInfluence of people who last week last week, despite the fact that, unlike seven days ago, many clothing stores, optics, and restaurants have already closed their doors after the emergency declaration.

Some people continue to attend the city center despite the call of the Government of Mexico to remain at home.Photo: Carlo Echegoyen.

"I leave because I am not afraid of Coronavirus," said Víctor Martínez, a 21 -year -old student, who was waiting for his turn in a long line to access a bank branch.

"I've been locked in my house for 15 days and I took a while to go for a walk," said Graciela, also 24 years old, who walked hand in hand with her partner at the height of the Latin Tower.

"I have no idea what Claudia Sheinbaum said yesterday," Maria, Lucía and Raquel admitted, when they were questioned if they knew the measures announced Tuesday by the head of government, so that people stay at home.

Juarez Avenue still maintains cars and people's circulation despite the call to stay at home by the Government of Mexico.Photo: Carlo Echegoyen.

Ramses, a 23 -year -old fashion designer who walked with an ice cream in his hand he bought after rowing in a “dessert center”, commented that he did know the measures decreed by Sheinbaum and emphasized that they seemed “very pertinent”.Although, then, he admitted that his response was not very consistent with his walk relaxed along the street in full health emergency."I promise to lock myself tomorrow," he said.

Deya, 24, explained that in the store where he works he told him that he would no longer return to work until April 30, and that is why he was “taking advantage of the last day on the street” taking photos of a friend on the esplanadeAlmost deserted by Fine Arts, on Juarez Avenue.

A man walks outside the Palace of Fine Arts which looks without people during quarantine on CDMX.Photo: Carlo Echegoyen.

Pese a emergencia sanitaria por COVID-19, el centro de la capital se resiste a encerrarse en casa COVID: por qué las vacunas de células T podrían ser la clave para la inmunidad a largo plazo

While Laura and Miguel, two 23 -year -old civil engineering students who talked underthat confinement measures can become stricter and can no longer clarify things in person.

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"Yes we were fulfilling the confinement," Miguel said. ".But, as yesterday came out of the emergency declaration and that everyone has to start isolation, we take advantage before to speak in person and give us some time ”.

"Many people are worth the coronavirus"

On Uruguay Street, pastries and bakeries were open.Also shoe stores, suitcases, mobile telephony, and some jewelry and jewelry shops, where senior women were appreciated by trying bracelets, disregarding the federal government recommendation that all people from 60 yearsThey must remain at home for being considered a risk population by COVID-19.

On Avenida 20 de November, corner with the Zocalo, the supports of the City Government Palace, usually one of the most photographed points by tourists who like the colonial style of the center, were closed yesterday with yellow plastic bands that prevented thestep.

View of the capital of the capital Zócalo which shows little few people.Photo: Carlo Echegoyen.

The Zocalo, although it was not closed, was practically empty: unlike last week, there was no trace of the employees of the restaurants that vocife offers to see the National Palace from Las Terrazas, and there were neither tourists, nor traveling, although althoughThis also had a lot to do with the intense sun that, at three in the afternoon, burned the capital's iron slowly.

The jeweler center on Madero Street remains closed during quarantine on CDMX.Photo: Carlo Echegoyen.

“They already told us that the police will say for the seismic alert speakers that we keep.But people do not understand, ”lamented Laura Carvajal, a cleaning of the Iron Palace on November 20, who since yesterday was also notified that the store will not have it again until she reopens next 30 of April.

"Many people go out because we have to go to work," said Selene, a traveling merchant who was walking through the central axis, where a group of indigenous artisans set up an impromptu protest to demand that the authorities support them with money before the fallDrastic tourists and sales.

"But it is also true that many people are worth the coronavirus, and that is why he does not stay at home," Selene collapsed, while pointing with his chin towards the side of the central axis full of pedestrians.

A few meters from where the street vendor was, in the known as Geek Plaza, a huge video game space, a waitress said that the square was "many more empty than a normal day".

But, although in several of the levels of the square they were appreciated, in effect, empty halls, at other levels dozens of young people played letters and video games without respecting the healthy distance measures, repeated again and again by the health authorities.

Card players and buyers gather the geek place on CDMX.Photo: Carlo Echegoyen.

A few kilometers from the Historic Center, in Reform.

The esplanade of the monument of the revolution Lucia practically empty.

View of the monument to the revolution, which looks empty and with the sources off.Photo: Carlo Echegoyen.

No one photographed El Angel, neither Columbus, nor Cuauhtémoc.

On the sides of the walk nobody walked, I leave some ‘runner’ or someone who struggled by bicycle taking advantage of the splendid afternoon of sun and clear skies that, paradoxically, the coronavirus is giving to the city thanks to a more than remarkable reduction of everyday traffic.

And in the immediate vicinity of the glorieta of the Diana Hunter, there were only a couple of pedestrians who, excited, stopped reading the billboard of a closed cinepolis that prayed: “The cinema taught us that there is always a happy ending.We are going to miss you, take care of yourself ".

Shopping centers also close their doors

In the Roma neighborhood, the closure of the Palacio de Hierro branch located on Durango Street, took several clients by surprise.The store normally begins to operate at 11am.The rhythm seemed normal because they even observed store personnel enlist in their modules and collection boxes.However, the doors were not opened.

Approximately 25 people waited outside for almost an hour and a half until a security guard informed them that due to the sanitary contingency it had been instructed that neither that branch nor the others in the chain opened their doors, and that the payments were made in line.He said ignoring what the situation would be in the following days, but said that most likely that and the other stores will continue closed.

Some of the clients were upset by the lack of a prior notice on the closure of the branch, and because they considered that Palacio has not given so far any ease or extension for their payments.

The Sears store located in Plaza Insurgentes (Sonora and Insurgentes), in the same colony Roma also did not open its doors.The curtains were down and there was no movement in the whole morning.There were no ads placed to indicate the reason, although the security guards of the square indicated that it was for contingency.

As for the square, it looked semi -via.The cinemex was closed, but also other stores like one of electronics and another of sportswear.

In the food court, the tables were raised, several closed stores, and others, such as McDonalds, were only supply.

The Sanborns branch was open, with half of its tables in its restaurant disabled.The staff of said store said they did not know if this Wednesday they would continue to open.

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