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Garin says goodbye to Bastad after an intense battle against Coria

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The Argentine, 77th in the world ranking, leaves Tanque behind in the quarterfinals of the tournament that takes place in Sweden. Two breaks of serve in the final set decided the duel.

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Cristian Garin's passage through the Bastad ATP 250 is over. The Chilean fell in the quarterfinals of the tournament that takes place in Sweden, against the Argentine Federico Coria, 77th in the world ranking in an intense match, which was decided by the lack of solidity of the Chilean with his service in the third set. The trans-Andean won 6-3, 4-6 and 6-2, depriving the Arican of a chance to continue climbing in the planetary ranking.

A break of serve was enough for Coria to unbalance the scoreboard in the first round. The Chilean finished the part with physical discomfort, which he managed to overcome. The second was characterized by the instability of both tennis players with their serve. In fact, the national began yielding it, although in the following game he broke the one of the transandino. In the next one, again, Coria broke Garin, who immediately returned the favor.

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Instability with the serve

Another medical attention preceded a new break of Garin's service, which would allow him to go 4-2 and, theoretically, direct the set, but a new break narrowed the score. Later, at 4-4, the Tank saved two break points to lead 5-4. With his serve, he closed the set.

In the final set, the trend would continue. In the fourth game, Coria would obtain an advantage that, finally, would be decisive, breaking the Chilean's service again. The Argentine affirmed his service and broke the national one again to structure the final 6-2 that classified him to the semifinals and took the best national tennis player of today out of the way.

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