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Gold prejubilation in Telefónica: 68% of the salary up to 65 years and private insurance
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  • 29/09/2022

Gold prejubilation in Telefónica: 68% of the salary up to 65 years and private insurance

Telefónica España has just closed with the unions the Third Plan of Low -incentive, called PSI, with the Workers and UGT commissions unions.The plan can be pointed to 3.500 workers and will be executed over a total of almost 2.000 employees of the telecommunications operator, as Vozpopuli advanced.The 'privileged' that meet the established conditions will enjoy very advantageous, unusual prejuctilation conditions in the Spanish business sector.

In this way, the workers of the company who decidethat they were born before that year.

On the other hand, the company, whose helm is José María Álvarez-Pallete, will offer employees that they cannot have access to ordinary retirement at 65 to ask, when they are paid to the PSI, that the total amount of the rentCommitted to those 65 years is distributed in 24 more months, until the 65 -year -old retirement age.

Apart from the monthly charge of 68% or 65% of the salary, employees will enjoy private medical insurance that will cover the telecommunications company.This insurance will also remain until the employee's retirement age.

Prejubilación de oro en Telefónica: 68% del sueldo hasta los 65 años y seguro privado

The plan will have a cost for the 1.600 million euros, and from the company they expect it to generate a level of savings of 200 million a year.

Telefónica will allow the adhered to the PSI to work

Telefónica will also allow employees to adhere to the plan, both through companies and in autonomous format.The only condition that establishes the agreement reached with the unions is that the nature of the activity does not collide with the interests of the operator, that is, it is not competence for your business.

In 2020 the operator template was 22.978 workers.The last PSI is the third of the Pallete era.In 2016 the operator had a template, according to its annual results consulted by Vozpopuli, 33.440 employees in our country.In 2020 this figure was cut until 22.992.That is, it has been reduced by a third under the baton of Pallete.The operator's first manager has left the company's workforce at 1951 levels.

However, the Telefónica template is astronomical if compared to its direct rivals: Vodafone and Orange.Vodafone undertook an ERE in 2015 that affected 1.059 employees, and another later in 2019 that meant the reduction of 1.100 jobs.These figures, added to the ERE approved this year for 515 workers, involves the reduction of about 2.700 jobs in a five years.At present, the red operator template amounts to 4.285 employees -without counting the last adjustment-.If the ERE is closed as stated, the total number of employees would be set at 3.770, which would mean a 46% reduction in the template.

As for Orange, the French origin company closed one ERE last June for 400 employees and another for 496 workers in 2016.Its salary mass is composed today by more than 5.000 workers, which represents a 25% reduction.

They are figures, those of Vodafone and Orange, very distant in Spain regarding those of Telefónica, although we must not forget that Spain is the international headquarters of the blue operator, which has business - and also employed - in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Braziland other Latin American countries.The global staff of the Spanish telecommunications company is 113.182 workers (2020).



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