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The 100 best series in recent history (and where you can watch them)
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By likemybags

  • 06/03/2022

The 100 best series in recent history (and where you can watch them)

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What is the best series in history? The question is so big that the only way we have had to face it has been to set up this mammoth ranking with what, for us, are the best fictions that television has given us in recent decades. As there is so much to choose from and also our goal is to inspire you for future marathons at any time and place, we are not going to look too far back, with few exceptions. The vast majority of these series have been released in recent years and are available on different platforms. So in the list you will find many of the 80 best Netflix series of today and always, also the 60 HBO gems that we relentlessly recommend, as well as a good representation of the most important titles of Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +. And, of course, a very commendable representation of the best Spanish series.

With all of them we have prepared this ranking whose order we will surely have to defend before a judge, because each viewer hides a seriéfilo inside and we are aware that more than one complaint is going to fall on us. We are guided by the many years of criticizing series that we have behind us, also by the media and even social impact of some of the proposals... And, mainly, by what our hearts dictate.

It's corny, yes, but the goal of the list is to build a memorable space, which will be constantly evolving, for those series that leave their mark. Whether it's because of how they paralyze the television universe like Twin Peaks, Lost or Game of Thrones. For how they shake society to the point of causing truly profound changes, like The Handmaid's Tale, Pose or Poison. And also because of how they have made many days of our lives happy with unforgettable characters and plots, in the style of Friends or The Simpsons. These are just some obvious examples, because among so many series there is room for surprises. And lots. We await your comments on networks to continue improving this megalist. Enjoy!



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