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The networks react to the expulsion of Miguel Frigenti
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  • 10/02/2022

The networks react to the expulsion of Miguel Frigenti


Sandra Pica manages to kick out the most controversial contestant from the first edition of 'Secret Story'.

Always in the limelight, Miguel Frigenti had only found the support of Cristina Porta since her entry to 'The House of Secrets'. Protagonist of every discussion and every live fight, the journalist was little by little left without allies and has been losing friends along the way, such is the case of Sofía Cristo and Luis Rollán.

Adara's entry into the contest, replacing Sofia's questionable behavior, gave the collaborator air. But his joy lasted a few minutes: the audience sentenced his continuous fights and decided that he would be the third expelled against Sandra Pica.

Despite a very even expulsion, the followers of the contest were divided on the networks between those who claimed that the reality show lost with the departure of Frigenti and those who applauded his departure out of weariness:

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