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Are Vikings helmets prior to this civilization?
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  • 28/06/2022

Are Vikings helmets prior to this civilization?

Clothing garments can characterize a whole society throughout history.The Romans, for example, put the sandals fashionable something that has endured to this day.Others, such as the Egyptians, already held necklaces and jewels to differentiate themselves from the rest and thus be able to wear luxurious garments.

These two examples show how clothes or accessories are not only useful for day to day.In the military field there are similar actions that go down in history.Shields, weapons or helmets are the best known among a long list capable of classifying societies for how they dressed in life and battlefield.

This is the case of the famous Vikings helmets.The garments that this generation was carrying in the head have very remarkable characteristics where two horns usually highlight.Thus, the Vikings tried to instill more respect for the rivals on the battlefield, as historians believe.

Now, a recent investigation has proposed to analyze where these helmets come from and if it is true that the Vikings were the first civilization to use them.Horn helmets may not have the origin in this Nordic society and go back much further back in time.

Change of history

The researchers at the University of Aarhus, in Denmark, began a study after the finding in 1942 in the east of the country where some helmets with eyes and peaks were found but we manufactured in bronze.This made historians think that the utensil was created in the Nordic Bronze Age, that is, between 1750 BC.and 500 B.C., although the accuracy of its creation was never determined.

At this point, historians have returned to the area where these helmets were discovered to try to put an end to the mystery and obtain an exact date.In the place they found new objects such as Yelmos and offerings, something that dislodged Danish researchers.

After the study of a birch tar cap in one of the horns of the helmet found in the middle of the last century, the investigation confirmed that this appeared in the place approximately 3,000 years ago.

Thus, this date made rethinking the moment in which the helmet found in 1942 was deposited. The Vikings had not yet landed the Denmark at that time, which ruled out that the Vikings were the authors of the object with horns.

Researchers suggest that helmets can come from other areas of Europe.In Italy, for example, some similar ones have focused although not so similar to those used by the Vikings.

There is even the theory that this civilization did not use this type of garments and that everything is due to a cultural invention.August Malmström, a nineteenth -century Swedish artist who made several representations of this civilization in his paintings of this popular garment today.



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