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BMW advances what the LMDH will be like that will run in Le Mans

The German BMW firm has shown a brief advance of the LMDH Hypercar with which they will run in tests like the 24 hours of Le Mans.It will be called BMW M LMDH and other manufacturers such as Porsche will be measured in the circuits.

A few months ago it was learned that the brand was working with Dallara to create a car that could compete in IMSA by 2023. The RLL -rahal Letterman Lanigan RacingKnown a few sketches of the car at the moment, the truth is that the thing promises.

From what can be seen, the most striking element of the BMW M LMDH will be its great grill, divided into two - the brand's classics of the brand - and of a great width.Also, you can front front Splitter to fully favor the aerodynamics of this model.

BMW adelanta cómo será el LMDh con el que correrán en Le Mans

Also, although no side view of the car has been revealed, it can be deduced that it will have a line marked by a few prominent wheel steps.The Cockpit area also draws attention, especially narrow and with a small air intake at the top.Finally, you can vaguely see a great spoiler appearing in the posterior zone.

In any case, more images of the car should still be shown and then we will have a clearer idea of its final appearance.In principle, Dallara will manufacture in Italy the first prototype of tests and should roll in the Varano circuit next year.

Therefore, it is possible that in a few months we know more details of the BMW M LMDH.Some of them could refer to their mechanics, not yet revealed, but that will be placed around hybrid technology.In a short time we can solve all our doubts.



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