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On heat days: ice tips, buckets, buckets and colers.- The Third Practice

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Many decisions go around these vital supplies that we need throughout the year and more at this time.Here, some considerations not to spend heat or drink warm liquids.


It's already said. In times of extreme heats, such as those we live in these days, but also throughout the year it is essential to have good quality ice for various purposes. I explain. If you get out of picnic or trip with a cooler, we need ice to keep it cold. If in an outdoor activity we need to freeze drinks in a bucket, we also need ice. And if we are going to take a drink in the same activity, the truth is that it will be essential to have ice to complete this mission. Well, you know that for these three cooling activities you should not necessarily use the same type of ice. Better, we go in parts. If we need to put a cooler ice, it is best to use small ice, in order to put more things inside without stopping keeping the temperature. In fact, it is best to buy ice bags from one kilo and each of them do two half a kilo, so to have more options to play the “tetris” while filling the cooler. Is small ice melted faster? It is likely, but that water that remains in the same bag remains cold for a long time so it also helps. A advice: if necessary, recharge the cooler with more ice every three or four hours.

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Now, if we need ice to serve drinks, juices and other analcoholic drinks, the truth is that we need a product that lowers the temperature to the respective liquids and at the same time add some water, something very useful especially with drinks with drinksVery sugary.For these purposes, small ice serve and also some that although they do not have such a low caliber, they have the peculiarity of being hollow inside, so they ensure a much faster melting than that of compact cubes.In the end, it is not about ice to accompany us during a full day if not rather to cool - and add water - to our drinks at the time they drink.

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But beware, if we need ice to serve any alcoholic beverage, the thing changes.Yes because in this case we need a compact, more or less large ice (depending on the diameter of the vessel we will use) and with the necessary consistency to support well in the liquid environment cooling it, but providing a minimum percentage of water.

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It is known as Ice Frapping to ground ice on a machine - it was sharply doing it inside a cloth and hitting it against a hard surface - and that is so fine that its smaller pieces take the appearance of true ice powder.It is usually used in some cocktail preparations and also to serve rather thick fruits.Its main characteristic is that it dissolves fast and therefore adds a lot of water to the preparation in which it is being used.It is also useful to use as a base in dishes where products such as oysters, clams or fresh oysters are served as it keeps the ration at low temperature.It is possible to buy frappé ice in large ice distributors.If they do not find, a machine to prepare it - from whole cubes - can be an option.

While buying ice in commerce is not something extremely expensive and even recommended for when large amounts of this element are needed, either by walks or parties, for the day to day one can be fixed perfectly generating their own ice at home.But be careful, if you want to have good ice, it is worth investing a little.The first and most important thing is to have good buckets, hopefully silicone and large cubes.This, because they are somewhat more expensive than the rest are practically eternal and allow us to produce good cubes, large and consistent.

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Now, no matter how good the buckets are the truth is that good ice can not be made without good water.And with good I do not mean that it is simply potable, but it is ideal to use filtered water to prepare ice (and to consume water and cook in general).How to filter water at home?There are various very effective mechanisms.In the end, everything depends on the budget for this item.

And if you want to afford those when it comes to having a good whiskey, it is worth having these buckets - also of silicone - specially designed to form a round, heavy and very durable ice.

And since not everything is ice to put in juices, drinks, distilled and cocktails, it is also good to have some type cubetera at home that allow us to keep water temperature, wines, sparkling and more.Here the key is to use a mixture of ice and water, in order to give the cold more throughout the day.Of course, every hour you have to check and add more ice.What kind of ice?The one who has the most at hand.And what type of cubetera?That is really to the taste of the consumer and his budget, nothing more.

To conserve food or frozen drinks for longer, even more so if you have to move, a cooler is indispensable.The market options are more than varied.There are multiple sizes and colors.For this reason, in the end, the option has to do simply with the cost.However, some tips.They do not buy something too long, which does not fit them in the car or have nowhere to keep it when they are not using it.If buying from a medium up, better that it has wheels and handle, because full weigh a lot.Do not sit with those who plug in the current or the car, because they are much more expensive and heavy than the conventional ones.Because in the end, the only thing that matters is to make them fed up and keep them well covered.

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If you do not want to know so much of ice in the bag, buckets, cubeteras, filters and others;Maybe you should seriously think about having your own machine at home.They are not cheap, but they always guarantee to have good ice available.That is, the endless party.

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