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Paula Echevarría's Primark T -shirt is a basic Low Cost suitable for all
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  • 03/07/2022

Paula Echevarría's Primark T -shirt is a basic Low Cost suitable for all

We are more than accustomed to our fashion prescribers won our approval with attire signed by great luxury brands and gala dresses.However, if there is something we like so much (or more) than those looks, they are the occasions when they succeed with democratic closet funds.

A white shirt, a classic cowboy, a black bag or sports shoes are just some of the many garments and accessories that we can all use to hit.An idea that is not alien to Paula Echevarría, who has recently surprised us with an infallible primark low cost proposal.

The actress has published one of her famous looks of the day and her followers, as usual, have been heard.More than 36,000 likes and almost 200 comments endorse the casual styling formed by jeans, white sports, tweed jacket and fan of the Velvet girl.

La camiseta de Primark de Paula Echevarría es un básico low cost apto para todas

A simple attire and that is why less stylish where the main piece is, without a doubt, the stamped shirt signed by the Irish store.A basic garment of sailor airs that is part of the Primark's Premamá Clothing Line and that we are all in the sweet wait or not, we could take advantage of to succeed.

Let it be comfortable with a pregnant tripita as is the case of Paula Echeverría or to go with a comfortable and loow, the result is always the same: a successful spring outfit.After all, marine fashion never goes out of style and its lights with a 'baker' cap better than better.

The keys to combine it rightly find them all in the look of the style prescriber.It will suffice with sneakers, a Texan and a stylish jacket to find the perfect casual chic look.

If you arrive at this point you are convinced that you could do wonders with the design of Primark, do not think twice and go out with it for a price of only 10 euros.Who said you have to spend a lot to have a stylish closet?

We are definitely one of which we prefer to fill the empty spaces of the closet fund before investing in other proposals.Primark is an expert in giving us just what we lack and this time, of course, it has not been the exception.



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