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Fast and cheap homemade tricks to clean the white shoes and leave them as new

White sneakers are a very versatile garment, suitable both to go to work and to get out in an urban styling for any event or plan that arises.Their only problem: they get dirty and clean them can be complicated, because most of them cannot get into the washing machine.Here are three tricks (for delicate shoes, for which they are truly dirty and for urgency situations) to clean them by hand:

For the most delicate

White sneakers are sensitive to pexels washing machine

This is the ideal trick to consider if your shoes are delicate or simply do not want to risk and use chemicals in them.You need bicarbonate, detergent to wash clothes and a toothbrush with medium or soft hardness.

Take a container and pour a teaspoon of bicarbonate and a tablespoon of detergent to wash clothes.Remove well until a homogeneous paste is left.With the toothbrush it takes a bit of the mixture and begins to gently rub your shoes until the dirt gives off the fabric.Then let them dry outdoors.

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For those who are very dirty

The toothbrush is a great ally to clean Pexels

This trick is very effective, although also somewhat abrasive for the shoes.It is advisable to use it only if the spots are very embedded.You will need just a toothbrush and fat salt.

First, use the toothbrush on the fabric of the shoe so that the embedded dirt gets off and is easier to remove later.Done this, cover with the salt the visible spots of the shoe and wait at least one hour.Then rinse the sneakers with cold water until there are neither salt nor remains of dirt, let the shoes dry outdoors.

For an urgency

Clean the white shoes is to rescue them

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If you don't have any of the previous ingredients by hand or you are away from home, another option is to use a dry erase rubber.Yes, a erase rubber.Simply rub with her the spots of your shoes until they disappear.

Of course, this trick will not work in very embedded spots or muddy shoes, but it is a good resource for those situations in which the haste does not allow you to clean them in conditions.



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