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Tips not to be held during the January slope
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  • 01/07/2022

Tips not to be held during the January slope

Enero suele ser un mes en el que el gasto de las familias se dispara. Ya sea por las esperadas rebajas, por la puesta en marcha de nuevos proyectos o porque se empiezan a materializar los propósitos de año nuevo, como inscribirse al gimnasio, lo cierto es que es una época de desembolso adicional. Conscientes de ello, los bancos aprovechan este momento para lanzar promociones de financiación muy atractivas, especialmente ofertas vinculadas al uso de sus tarjetas de crédito o a través de la contratación de préstamos personales.

Hiring these products can be a good option to reduce the impact of extra expenses on the family economy.However, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly since it can lead to important consequences in case of not returning money, as a possible embargo of accounts or salary.

To avoid over -indebtedness, from the Banking comparator Helpmycash.com have developed a list with the keys to follow if you want to maintain a healthy level of indebtedness for the January slope.

Ask for financing only if necessary

First, you have to wonder if it is worth asking for financing.According to HelpmyCash, it is only advisabletraining, such as paying a master's degree or other studies that improve labor perspectives.

Instead, it is not convenient to finance non -urgent purchases that could be classified as whims.For example, to buy expensive clothes, to get the latest model of a smartphone or to acquire a high -end car that is out of the buyer's economic possibilities.

Consejos para no sobreendeudarse durante la cuesta de enero

It is essential to ensure to be able to return credit

Secondly, you have to make sure to be able to return the money to the lender;They are a specific help that must be left as soon as possible so as not to drag this load more time than necessary.To do this, the applicant must have a regular source of income that allows him to pay the quotas during the entire reimbursement period.That is, a payroll, a pension ...

In addition, it is important not to pay more than the account for the debts that are contracting.According to HelpmyCash, the fees of the contracted credits must not exceed 35% of the net monthly salary.Overcoming that percentage is a bad business, because there will barely have a maneuver to meet possible unforeseen events.

For example, suppose a person charges a net salary of 1,700 euros per month and needs to finance several expenses.In order not to borrow in excess, the quotas of the credits that hire should not cost more than 595 euros per month, which is 35% of their income.

If a credit card is used, better pay at the end of the month

It is also important to know the operation of the product that is hired to obtain financing.Purchases, for example, are usually financed through a credit card that allows you to return the money in two ways: by means of a total payment at the end of the month, with which all purchases made with the card, or in monthly installments.

Returning all money at the end of the month is more appropriate because interest is not generated.If the card holder decides to reimburse the credit in several installments, an interest will be applied that, on average, usually around 18%.In case of opting for this second route, it is convenient to pay off the debt as soon as possible to not pay more than the interest account.

If a loan is hired, you have to look at the entire ‘small print’

In order to finance a large project (buying a car or reforming the home, for example), the best option if you do not have enough savings is to ask for a personal loan.In this case, money is always returned by paying monthly fees, to which credit interests are also added.

La clave para no sobreendeudarse con un producto de este tipo es contratar uno que tenga unas buenas condiciones. Según HelpMyCash, un crédito considerado como ‘barato’ debe tener un interés por debajo del 7% (la media del mercado) y no incluir comisiones de estudio o de apertura ni productos adicionales como seguros. Por ejemplo, los Préstamos WiZink son un buen ejemplo: su interés es desde el 4,50%, no tienen comisiones de estudio o apertura y pueden conseguirse sin necesidad de contratar seguros. El Crédito Proyecto de Cofidis también reúne estas condiciones, pues no tiene comisiones ni productos adicionales y su interés es desde el 4,95%.



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