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Modern, rustic or vintage bathroom furniture?
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By likemybags

  • 05/05/2022

Modern, rustic or vintage bathroom furniture?

Thinking of renovating the bathroom? The works are one of the decisions that we least like to make because it disrupts our day to day for a while and turns areas of our house upside down. The final result is usually very pleasant and a guarantee of enjoyment, but until that moment comes, everything is inconvenience. Despite this, having a spacious bathroom, in which you can move without difficulty, is one of the priorities when it comes to renovating it.

The first questions that arise are: what bathroom furniture to choose and how much is the entire renovation going to cost. We can easily choose the materials for our bathroom and its cost online, including ordering everything we are going to need. The final price of the reform will depend on the person or company with which the work of the work is carried out.

Regarding the furniture, we can make a first simple division of styles between modern bathroom furniture or rustic/vintage bathroom furniture? Once the trend that most attracts us has been chosen, we will expand the range of options: economical, with a reduced depth, wooden, suspended, with legs, with built-in or countertop washbasins, double or non-double washbasin, offset washbasin, door opening...

Modern bathroom cabinet. / @todomueblesbano

¿Muebles de baño modernos, rústicos o vintage?

There are many options, but starting with the general style that we want for the room, it will be easier to choose the rest of the aspects, among which we must also take into account the placement, the width of the furniture, the finish, the price and the Mark.

Modern bathroom furniture is usually the most practical, although vintage furniture is visually more attractive, since the measurement options and storage spaces of the former are greater. If this is not a problem for us, among the rustic and vintage furniture you can find real gems.

Vintage bathroom. / @todomueblesbano

The placement of the furniture is one of the aspects that will influence the choice since we owe it to the physical space of the bathroom. There are 3 ways to place our furniture:

> Suspended: this option is ideal in bathrooms whose drain goes to the wall and is not recommended for those that go to the floor (since the drain pipe would be visible). As they are anchored to the wall, they make the bathroom appear more open and it is easier to clean, even under the cabinet. It is one of the preferred choices in designer furniture

> On the floor and with legs: this type of furniture usually has a large storage capacity.

> On the floor with plinth: just like the previous one, they have a large storage capacity and also prevent dirt from accumulating under the furniture.

Little by little and with each choice we reduce possibilities and reach the type of furniture that best suits our needs and tastes. Once at this point, the most fun would be: choosing colors, mirrors, lighting and taps. There is nothing better than a wide range of stock to have the bathroom that best suits our expectations. @worldwide



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