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Julia Janeiro, the influencer daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique: her very expensive and luxurious wardrobe

Children of celebrities Jesulín de Ubrique

As a good aspiring 'influencer', Julia Janeiro, the daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario who turned 18 on April 18, has a weakness for fashion trends and luxury brands



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Julia Janeiro, the daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario, has just come of age. The young woman, a potential influencer, has been left depixelated for the world, who wants to know everything about her. It is still up in the air if Julia Janeiro will bet on fame or remain 'anonymous', and we emphasize anonymity because she is actually famous from the cradle and wood of 'influencer' she has (and a lot). This is verified by the almost 80,000 followers of her who are pending her careful Instagram profile, and the fact that she belongs to one of the most mediatic and controversial families in the pink world. And she also has style and a very strong personality.

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Who is Julia Janeiro, the aspiring influencer daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique

Precisely, the social networks of her young 'Juls', as her intimates call her, is a carousel of luxury and trend that define her particular style. The daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario has left her credit card on fire and this is her very expensive wardrobe that she has also put up for sale on Vinted.

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'Crush' with Nike

Julia Janeiro boasts of having a fresh, daring and 'casual' style. Andrea Janeiro's sister has a weakness for streetwear and her favorite accessory is sneakers. She has them of all kinds! Although her favorite brand is Nike, a brand of which she has a large number of pairs. These sneakers that she wears in the image are Nike Air Jordan 1 Metallic Gold that cost about 120 euros.

A very personal style

And we continue with the very expensive accessories from the exclusive wardrobe of 'Juls'! The daughter of María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique is committed to combining a 'comfy' and sporty look, elevating it with one of her favorite bags. But the detail that interests us: those Nike Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple White for 160 euros.

Looking for exclusivity

What can be seen from her social networks is the search for exclusivity and originality of the accessories and garments that are part of Julia Janeiro's wardrobe. The 'sneakers' collection is practically made up of limited editions like these Nike 'Have a Nike Day' for about 200 euros.

Passion for sports accessories

Yes, Julia Janeiro for Nike is a real 'crush', as we've mentioned, but if some Adidas 'give' her what she's looking for in her favorite accessory, she doesn't mind them either. These are some Yeezy 350 V2 Cinder that cost 220 euros.

Discreet but expensive jewelry

Pay attention to the left wrist of Jesulín's daughter, because around it there is a jewel not suitable for all pockets! One of her favorite bracelets, which she wears in practically all the photos that she has shared on her Instagram. It is a rigid Bvlgari that costs 5,700 euros.

not just any bag

Julia Janeiro is also into 'retro'. This Purificación García bag belongs to her Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Collection, which is now becoming a trend again.

Very aware of your appearance

Julia Janeiro takes great care of her image and the look with which she identifies. She loves to play with eye shadows, she wears very long eyelashes and she takes into account the quality of the makeup that she applies. It seems that Andrea Janeiro's sister fell in love with this Rouge Coco de Chanel lipstick for 38 euros.

Down to the last detail

One of her favorite accessories is this €160 belt from "Off-White ™. She never rules out an occasion to show it off!

Put your wardrobe up for sale

Yes, yes, Julia Janeiro has put her wardrobe up for sale on Vinted and, through the garments that she exhibits, we can learn much more about her particular style and character. But, beware! Don't expect to find exclusive products, he still has a lot of love for those and he has to give them a lot of 'war'. But brands such as Pull&Bear, Shein, Hollister&Co. or Zara, her favorite 'low cost' brand.

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