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Carmen Lomana's €3,500 jacket: designed by Christian Dior 75 years ago


With her delicate beauty and good taste, Carmen Lomana poses with the sublime Bar 30 Montaigne jacket from the French luxury firm: Christian Dior


She is elegance personified

With half a million followers on Instagram, Lomana has become one of the most stylish familiar faces on Social Media. Outside of them, she already was and she always has been. Her unmistakable elegance and her most sophisticated 'lady' style endorse her. When it comes to dressing, she perfectly combines garments that she buys in low cost stores such as Zara or Mango, with other haute couture.

She triumphs in her facet as a bag designer

The businesswoman has carved out a niche for herself as a handbag designer for Montsaint, with a timeless collection inspired by the city of Rome and Saint Tropez. The high-rise designs have been very well received by the public, who applaud Carmen's initiative. And it is that she was very clear that one of her main objectives was to adjust the price as much as possible in order to reach all her followers. The entire collection, which can be found on the firm's website (www.montsaint.es), is reduced to 50% with prices that do not exceed 50 euros.

Well prepared in her facet as a designer, she has been very actively involved in the entire creation process, participating in the choice of materials and design. “I have designed them with comfort in mind, that they do not weigh to carry a thousand things including a tablet, I hope you like them”, she explained to her faithful. And it is that the working style prevails in this collection. With off-road bags for women that mark the personality of those who wear them and simple cuts for the day-to-day life of any business woman, like her.

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Carmen Lomana dazzles with a jacket from the luxurious firm Christian Dior. It is an emblematic garment of the New Look collection designed in 1947

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The 'Bar jacket' is one of the firm's longest-running pieces that not only stands out for its sophisticated design, but also for its price: 3,5000 euros

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This model has been reinterpreted by Maria Grazia Chiuri in a light blend of black wool and silk.


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Features notch lapels and welt pockets that subtly enhance the waist


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It is one of the most exclusive jackets in the socialite's wardrobe.


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She has completed it with Vichy plaid pants and high waist from Zara

jimmy choo

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Jimmy Choo signature boots, also luxury for 775 euros


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And Gucci bag with top handle that we have not found in the new collection, but that exceeds thousands of euros

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