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Omicrono radiography of the Blas de Lezo, the jewel of the Navy that Spain sends to the Black Sea to defend Ukraine

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The increase in tensions between Russia and Ukraine has forced NATO countries to move file.Among them is Spain, with Margarita Robles at the head of a Ministry of Defense that has already announced the sending of two vessels and also the availability of Eurofighter fighters to deploy in Bulgaria.

Maritime shipment is composed of the Blas de Lezo frigate and the Mateoro Maritime Action Ship.The first has already sailed from Ferrol, while the second one already set towards the Black Sea last Monday after leaving the Arsenal of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.A first binomial to which the Cazaminas Sella can be joined.

With the deployment of the Blas de Lezo as the main ship of the mission, the Spanish Navy makes one of its best and most modern vessels available to NATO.This frigate was thrown in May 2003 with the designation F-103 and corresponding to the third unit-of 5-that make up the Álvaro de Bazán class.

The Spanish jewel

In full cold war, several NATO countries joined in order to create a common frigate that responded to the technological needs of the moment.The initiative finally failed due to the different criteria that handled the 8 countries in regards to the specifications.

Blas de Lezo Armada Español

But a part of naval engineering work was already done and Spain took advantage of it to design what would finally be the Álvaro de Bazán class as a firstborn specimen of the family to which the Blas de Lezo belongs.The Álvaro de Bazán Armed in 2001.

The Blas de Lezo frigate, belonging to the 31st escort squad, left the Izar shipyards (today Navantia) in Ferrol at the end of 2004;just a few hundred meters from the arsenal where she has her base today.The estimated cost of the frigate was 600 million euros and since it entered service it has become one of the most advanced frigates in the world within its class.

Blas de Lezo frigate Armada Español

Omicrono Radiografía del Blas de Lezo, la joya de la Armada que España envía al Mar Negro a defender Ucrania

All F-100 units, including the BLAS de Lezo, are built with a high-resistance steel helmet that provides ballistic protection.Likewise, the engines are mounted on elastic pieces that prevent the transmission of vibrations to the helmet, which hinders work to the sensors of the enemy submarines.

The 201 people who comprise the crew of the frigate will be aboard a boat of 147 meters in length for 18.5 manga and a displacement of 5.800 tons.A heavyweight of the Spanish Navy driven by a 2 gas turbine system offered by more than 46.000 horses of power and another pair of less powerful diesel engines for cruises below 18 knots where it achieves an autonomy of 9.000 kilometers.

Helicóptero en la Blas de Lezo Armada Español

In the stern of the frigate is a helipad with space to house a Sikorsky Sh-60b Seahawk helicopter, which in turn has the capacity to launch anti-ship missiles Penguin and Torpedos.

First weapons

The frigate equation is completed with a good armament letter on board.Both in the plane of the traditional war and in the electronic warfare.Started by the first, the Blas de Lezo has a vertical pitcher of American missile SM-2 and Essm, both with anti-aircraft abilities against both aircraft and missiles.

It is completed with two quadruple launchers of Harpoon missile.

As for the sensor and electronic war section, the frigate has an advanced Spy-1d radar with a listening radi.In addition, it is also used to monitor the missiles thrown from the frigate until they reach the target.

Blas de Lezo frigate

Similarly, it has several radar and Sónar systems that complete the sensory ecosystem of the boat.For the electronic war, Navantia used the Spanish Indra in order to equip the Aldebaran system of analysis, detection and countermeasures radar, as well as that of interception of communications regulus.

Although without a doubt one of the great Bazas of the Blas de Lezo frigate is to have the Aegis combat system that combines and synchronizes all weapons on board.It was designed by RCA to serve in US wars ships but joined the Spanish F-100 fleet to provide a safe and connected war ecosystem.

Meteor and seal

The meteor, the one who first left for port towards the Black Sea, is a maritime action ship (BAM) that carries out "missions against asymmetric or conventional threats of a small entity," according to the Navy.Its role is usually adjusted to maritime deterrence and surveillance, although it can also perform limited neutralization actions.

Spanish armed meteor

It has a 94 -meter length of manga with a 2 displacement.670 tons next to a crew composed of 52 people.The meteor is based on several surveillance and tracking systems on board along with a small armament letter composed of 2 cannon models and 2 machine gun units.

As for the Sella Cazaminas ship, it is part of the safe class as ships dedicated to anti mines work.Given its mission and to avoid touching the mines, the seal and all of their class have variable and propeller propellers that give it a great maneuverability.

Duero, a ship of the same class as the Sellajorge Guerra Moreno

They have all the necessary equipment for the location of the mines through Sónar and a torpedo system.The Sella entered service in mid -1999 and reaches 550 tons of displacement at full load in 54 meters of length per 10.7 manga.Its crew consists of 50 people and has an autonomy of 3.700 kilometers.

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