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Subjects who were trying to sell a jewel valued at $28 million are arrested in Quito

Agents from the General Directorate of Investigations captured these 6 people. According to Colonel William Martínez, chief of the Pichincha Judicial Police, the subjects had entered a premises, assaulted it and took valuable jewelry.

"The woman was alone in the premises, they enter the box and outrage the owner by taking all the jewelry," said Martínez.

Among the stolen objects was this diamond necklace, valued at 28 million dollars, 48 ​​sapphires whose cost reaches one million dollars, those involved tried to sell these jewels through social networks.

"They were offering him $4 million," he revealed.

Detienen en Quito a sujetos que intentaban vender una joya valorada en  millones

Among the evidence was money in cash, 11 mobile terminals, 6 electronic equipment and a vehicle.

Among the detainees are 4 Ecuadorians and 2 foreigners: "One of them has a record for theft, concealment of stolen goods and illicit association."

The Police are looking for another member of this gang who would have participated in the assault.



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