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Bad vibes: The objects that you must urgently remove from the bedroom

The way in which we maintain the bedrooms determines, in large part, the quality of sleep and the comfort that they should project.

It is a fact that when a space is tidy and clean it feels. This is not new, in fact feng shui has been in charge of explaining the effect that the mobility of energies has in daily life.

This ancient technique defends that, the more harmonic and clean our houses are, the greater prosperity, health and success will come, which is defined as Chí.

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What should you take out?

In this list we will explain the objects that you should take out of the house -especially from the bedrooms- because they keep Chí away. Also those objects that you must repair or relocate and those that you can reuse.

  1. Location of the bed: Try that when the door opens, the bed is not the first thing you see. Always leave the beds made and tidy, it also allows natural light to pass into the bedroom, all together it will relieve energy loads and invite you to rest.
  2. Do not accumulate objects: Closets full of boxes, papers and unused clothes load the environments. Classify what you have in three groups: To give away, to leave and to eliminate. This way you can vacate spaces in a more functional and practical way.
  3. Dried flowers: When they begin to wither, you have to take them out of the house because they enter a natural decomposition process that does not give a good Chí. For feng shui, withered flowers are associated with the absorption of bad energies.
  4. Damaged jewelry and makeup: Costume jewelry that can no longer be worn and will not be repaired should be removed from the room. If you prefer to recycle, remove the beads and deposit them in containers, but it is not advisable to store broken jewelry or expired and worn makeup. Energy is cyclical, so as you pull out these items, new ones arrive in unexpected ways.
  5. Torn clothes: Damaged garments can tarnish and block the arrival of new clothes. If there are clothes that we do not wear in years, it is best to give them away.
  6. Mirrors: Away from the bed! Feng shui warns that the mirror absorbs many energies and having a mirror near the bed affects sleep and relationships. Position the mirror so that it doesn't bounce the reflection off the bed.
  7. Put sea salt: To ease the burdens of the bedroom, place sea salt stones in each corner of the room for 48 hours. Then sweep up the grains and get them out of the house. Sea salt is believed to work like a sponge for bad vibes in spaces.

Mala vibra: Los objetos que debes sacar urgentemente del dormitorio

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