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The Chinese jewelry wholesaler Pandahall opens a warehouse in Europe

- Pandahall plan to improve your world shipping service with a new warehouse location.

Hong Kong, May 8, 2014 / PRNewswire / - The Chinese jewelry wholesaler Pandahall plans to open a new warehouse this year in Europe in an effort to cut the shipping time and improve customer experience.With more than 400.000 products online and 200.000 registered clients, Pandahall is a worldwide jewelry, accounts, beads and eastern elements.

Currently, the only Pandahall warehouse is in China, and foreign buyers have had to wait for long periods of time for the delivery of their order.Now, with a second more centralized warehouse location, jewelry manufacturing suppliers and customers will less enjoy a much faster delivery."We really wanted to improve the satisfaction of our clients," said Pandahall's CEO."With the European warehouse, our clients will get their orders more quickly".

The location for the European warehouse is still being considered."We are thinking of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland," said Pandahall's CEO."We want to choose the location that benefits our customers".In addition to the company's intention to put the client's needs, Pandahall's success lies in its high quality products and cheap prices.

 El mayorista de joyería chino PandaHall abre un almacén en Europa

As the largest beading company in China with a world customer base, Pandahall offers wood accounts, glass accounts and acrylic accounts, and beading supplies to retail and wholesale customers."We offer wholesale products as well as small lots of elements," said Pandahall's CEO."The small lots of elements are ideal to meet the small quantity requirements, especially for manufacturers and retail jewelry of DIY".

Customers can buy Pandahall products at any time in this.Pandahall.com as well as request a free product catalog.In addition, the company offers free sample cards that include tibetan silver pearls and jewelry accessories.

About Pandahall

Established in 2003, Pandahall is a small Chinese merchandise market that sells both wholesale and retail accounts and beads, including glass accounts, acrylic accounts, wooden accounts, gems, glass elements, Murano crystal, and more.Pandahall is a Squaretrade verified seller that offers solutions for jewelry and jewelry stores, with six languages included (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Japanese).For more information, visit is.Pandahall.com.

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