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Of human ashes to precious diamonds

We are born, live and die, and then? Now you can choose between being buried, cremated or being a diamond.

Algordanza, a Swiss company has launched a peculiar alternative to give value to death with that meaning of love that jewels have, and that is that the company has developed technology to transform human ashes into diamonds.

In reality, the result can vary in quant.The human body is in 20% carbon, which is separated from the incinerated remains thanks to a chemical filtering process, which is carried out in a laboratory and special conditions.

After getting a purity of 99.9%, the next step is to transform the molecular structure to graphite, and then imitate through an environment recreated by the Algordanza company, the same for the growth of a diamond, which in its natural form are born at high temperatures and under strong pressure in pressure inThe depths of the Earth.

De cenizas humanas a diamantes preciosos

How do they do it?

The material obtained in the first process is subjected to 611.830 kilograms per square centimeter of pressure at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius, in this way crystallization is reached, where each precious stone is formed 100% according to its natural composition.

The authentic character of each piece in terms of its tone or size, will depend only on the duration of the growth phase in the diamond synthesis machine, nothing will have to do with age, weight, height or the origin of the deceased.

How much does it cost?

The price is high, the exclusive value on the cut, shape and size, enters a range in which 3 have to be paid.$ 900 for 0.04 grams without cutting and, up to 32.000 dollars for 0.04 grams;However, the price at 5 rises.400 dollars for 0.04 grams in bright or princess cut, or heart -shaped by 5.$ 650.

Algordanza Amor Cenizas Diamantes Muerte Suiza


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