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Have you tried the only seawater beer yet?

Aruba, “The Happy Island”, boasts its rich gastronomic variety thanks to the more than 90 nationalities that inhabit it. Among its most precious jewels, it promotes Balashi beer, the only beer produced with desalinated seawater, without artificial flavors.

Balashi is a golden Dutch-style pilsner. Its name derives from the word "balana", from the Aruwak language, and means "near the sea".

Production began in 1999; Just two years later, he received the gold medal from the Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selection, which is awarded in Brussels. In 2004, the brewery won another award for the sustainability of its production parameters, among which the recycling of boxes and bottles stands out.

Balashi Brewery also produces Chill beer, smooth and with a hint of lemon. In 2013 she was awarded the “iTQi Superior Taste Award”.