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Nerea López dazzles with a greenish gray named 'Malachite'


Nerea López Maestre, the oldest child fallera in Valencia in 2022, has already left home wrapped in applause and congratulations from the falleros of her commission, Engineer José Sirera-Pío IX, and the complicity of her twelve classmates court. This afternoon the Exaltation of the greatest child fallera of Valencia 2022 is celebrated.

Immediately, it was possible to see the choice of the color of the spur, a hand-woven silk by the firm Vives y Marí that goes by the name 'Malachite', a tone that, for everyone to understand, resembles to a very sweet greenish grey. The name of the spur refers to a mineral, a precious stone that the Egyptians already used to make jewelry and beads.


Nerea López dazzles with a greenish gray of name 'Malachite'

Although the color range has nothing to do with that of her reigning partner, Carmen Martín, in a certain way the symbolism of the hope of the two greens has marked the choice of the costume of the two representatives of the Fallas 2022.

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In the floral motifs, some cheerful colors stand out that have made the fabric fit perfectly with the personality of Nerea, smiling and very mature.

The spur has been woven manually in three work shifts, using approximately 700 hours to weave thirteen meters of chicha fabric. It has 6,210 warp threads, 32 weft colors and two metals: smooth silver and brocaded gold.

You have to go back to 2007 to refer to another child major fallera, in this case, Inma Escudero, who also opted for a green tone, like Laura María Ortega (FMIV 2004), with an aqua green.

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The clothing designers from La Joia are in charge of making the costume for the exaltation of Nerea and her twelve classmates court.

As an anecdote, the time spent waiting in the street, to see how Nerea came down from her home, has been enlivened by the Unión Musical l'Horta and there were many people in the street with banners supporting Nerea, like the one from its falla, which read: "Enjoy! The tea always fails at your cost."

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