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The baby cover of ‘Nevermind’ demands Nirvana for child pornography

La imagen de Spencer Elden, entonces un bebé de apenas unos meses nadando desnudo en una piscina persiguiendo un billete de un dólar, se convirtió en una de las portadas de discos más reconocibles y reproducidas de todos los tiempos. Ahora, 30 años después de la publicación de aquel álbum de Nirvana titulado Nevermind, el protagonista de aquella fotografía ha decidido demandar a la banda estadounidense por considerar que esa instantánea constituye un delito de pornografía infantil. Elden busca una indemnización por, según dice la demanda, “los daños que ha sufrido y seguirá sufriendo de por vida”.El bebé de la portada de ‘Nevermind’ demanda a Nirvana por pornografía infantil El bebé de la portada de ‘Nevermind’ demanda a Nirvana por pornografía infantil

The popular photograph was an idea of the spoiled group leader, Kurt Cobain.The idea was to represent a newborn who, despite being underwater, helpless, naked, pursued the money, as the Guardian told the capture, Kirk Weddle.The reading that was made of that image was that of a criticism of capitalism.However, Robert and.Lewis, Elden's lawyer, offers an unusual interpretation to argue that it crosses the line towards child pornography, ensuring that the inclusion of money in photography causes the baby to appear “as a sex worker”.

"The defendants promoted Spencer's child pornography intentionally and commercially and made use of the shocking nature of their image to promote themselves and their music at the expense of Spencer," says the complaint filed in a Californian court and has been collectedby American means.Among those indicated by this complaint appear Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, who together with the legendary and missing Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) composed the classical formation of Nirvana, reports Efe.

El bebé de la portada de ‘Nevermind’ demanda a Nirvana por pornografía infantil

Strangely, the complaint also accuses Chad Channing, who was Nirvana's drums in his early years and abandoned the formation in 1990, that is, before Nevermind was published.

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It is not the first time that Elden, who was four months old when the photograph took.In 2016, in an interview with Time magazine, it showed its disagreement for not having received an economic compensation according to having starred in the cover of an album that has sold 30 million copies worldwide and that has been reproduced in all kinds of types ofOfficial Band Products.“All those involved have tons and tons of money.I feel that I am the last piece of grunge rock, ”said Elden."I live at my mother's house and lead a Honda Civic".Even the photographer himself, Weddle, with whom he maintained the contact over the years for being a friend of his parents, said in the conversation with The Guardian that Elden feels "that everyone earned money with it and he, no".

In spiteoriginal, although finally and by decision of the photographer he dressed in a swimsuit and the loose mane."He thought it would be strange, so I put on my swimsuit," he told The New York Post.



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