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The (big) stories of the (small) Spanish companies that sell on Amazon

© Cortesía de SingularuLas (grandes) historias de las (pequeñas) empresas españolas que venden en Amazon Las (grandes) historias de las (pequeñas) empresas españolas que venden en Amazon

How did the brand start and why did you decide to undertake the project?

"The brand was founded in 2014 Paco Tormo and I, Cristina Aristoy.We met in Demium and we had the illusion and the desire to want to mount something.We start being a marketplace.What we have always maintained has been to listen to our client, hence the business idea was evolving to what we are today: a jewelry brand.

What characterizes you?

Las (grandes) historias de las (pequeñas) empresas españolas que venden en Amazon

"We are a customer centric brand, that is, everything revolves around our clients.I think that one of the most important changes was when we started asking the following questions when making decisions: Does it provide value to the customer? Are you willing to pay for it?

What has the sale or allowed through Amazon allowed or allowed?

"Selling at Amazon has opened a range of opportunities both at the client's confidence and brand expansion".

What is your most representative piece?

"For us the most important thing is to provide the best service to our clients.The quality in the product is something basic and that is where we put the focus, in the service."

What consumer do you direct?

"What the data tell us is that we go to a woman who goes from 20 to 40, but what we always say is that in the end age is not an attitude and what we want is to be the one regardingThe time to buy a jewel ".



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