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The keys to choosing the best nail polish for a professional manicure

These are the different keys to keep in mind when doing your manicure at home if you want it to last several days with a professional result.

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As with the arrival of summer clothes such as bikinis, swimsuits and pareos begin to arrive, the summer season also comes hand in hand with manicures and pedicures. Despite the fact that they are beauty processes that can be carried out throughout the year, they reach their highest peak in demand in this season, in spring-summer.

However, wearing a resistant manicure, full of color and following the latest trends throughout the year is possible, and we can do it from home! For this we only have to be aware of the latest trends, for example, nails with psychedelic prints and the classic French manicures with a twist, and of course, have the necessary material to carry it out. In other words, you have to know how to choose professional nail polishes like those used by professional manicurists, with which to obtain quality and an exceptional finish, but at a price that your pocket can afford. These are the main tips to keep in mind (and some enamels that have conquered us).

Chinese Glaze

1. Bright and resistant glazes

Do you know traditional Chinese ceramics? Shiny, resistant, perfect... Well, you can bring the same finish to your nails! Kaolin, a pure white clay that throughout history has been used in tableware created in this oriental country, is capable of providing an exceptional shine and a hardening effect to a glaze. The China Glaze firm, made in the United States, contains this component in its formulas to achieve the same effects as in ceramics.


2. Ready in 10 minutes

The keys to choosing the best nail polish nails for a professional manicure

If you have little patience for waiting for the polish to dry, select compositions that dry quickly and have good color coverage in a single pass. To do this, we resorted to the new nail polishes from Revlon, Ultra HD Snap!, which also have a vegan formula with 78% ingredients of natural origin, and which promise a quick and professional manicure. Without forgetting that they do not need to be accompanied by a base or top coat.

3. Take a look at the formulation

We like a manicure that attracts attention, that's clear, but without sacrificing the health of our natural base. When choosing your new nail polish, make sure that its formulation avoids ingredients that can be harmful to your body in the long term. Both the China Glaze and Revlon formulas have nothing more and nothing less than 20-free, so you'll keep your nails healthy while achieving a high-coverage finish.

Chinese Glaze

4. Trendy Colors

As we mentioned before, trends affect nails too! A must for manicures and pedicures must be current and intense colors, and for this reason we like brands with a wide palette of shades in which we can choose the trend tone of the season, such as mint green, lilac or pastel yellow. Likewise, the coverage of the enamel must be taken into account to avoid giving more than two layers.

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