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Triple ex announces the launch of his new marketplace for the purchase / sale of diamonds and his 3 -Ex token

Por Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

Next, the Triple Ex team shares more oftails about the launch of its new commercial platform, in which diamonds can be marketed and your 3-EX Token for commercial activities will be maof.


(EQS Group News) The youth team of Crypto Exchange Stock Point ofvelopers, along with professionals from the precious stones industry created triple ex marketplace, an exchange for the purchase / sale of diamonds, where everyone can buy and sell diamonds by cryptocurrencyat investment price.To access the market, you must buy the triple ex token (3-EX).

Triple ex announces your new marketplace

The diamond market has so far been conservative and closed exclusively for normal buyers.Diamonds, unlike gold, are not available as an active, people pay massively when buying these precious stones in jewelry stores.These problems led to the solution: create a market with equal opportunities for both the amateur and the professional.

To access Triple Ex Marketplace, you must buy a triple ex token.In relation to its issuance, only 600 will be available.000 units, all of which, without exception, will be in free circulation.

Triple Ex anuncia el lanzamiento of su nuevo marketplace para la compra / venta of diamantes y su token 3-Ex

The creators presented a market prototype, the launch is scheduled for May 2022.

In this regard, one of the creators of the project commented:

A market that is changing

The company's location also matters, especially for a very important oftail.During the panofmic, Turkey remained one of the few places where people from all over the world could enter freely without restrictions.In addition, the country is also known as one of the largest suppliers of jewels and diamonds.

The world is changing rapidly, but some companies are stagnant in last century.Moofrn problems require moofrn solutions ... but what could be more moofrn than cryptocurrencies?Probably nothing.

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Nota of prensa

Descargo of responsabilidad: Esta es una nota of prensa con contenido informativo producida por el equipo of Triple Ex, por lo que DiarioBitcoin no promueve ni respalda la compra of los productos y servicios antes mencionados.

Texto e imagen ofl equipo of Triple Ex

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