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María Pombo launches into the world of children's fashion

2021 is being a wonderful year for María Pombo: to her newly released maternity, a lot of work projects are added that go stern.The Spanish influencer is a campaign image of several brands, has founded the firm 'Name the brand' and, along with her sister Marta and her former brother -in2020 Duplicating its sales.

Recently, Pombo gave instagram clues of what was about to happen: it showed what looked like a sweatshirt embroidered with a somewhat different label than the original Tipi Tent and launched the question: ‘What do you think it is?’Many of her followers hit and it was she who, a few hours later, confirmed it: the brand was preparing to launch her children's version.

María Pombo se lanza al mundo de la moda infantil

Baptized as ‘Tipi Kids’, he has just seen the light and, with it, the first collection, full of ideal garments for children to carry in summer.A collection that follows the wake and style of adult garments: casual and youth, but in mini version.

Sweatshirts, linen monkeys, knitted jackets, swamchers, t -shirts, ... The collection has everything necessary to be the most cool of the summer season.



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