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Buy a luxury watch: easy guide to get the first

Thus, the most common is to find sizes such as 34 mm, 37 mm and 41 mm, but also 31 mm and 36 mm.

The materials

They are really decisive to guarantee quality, but choosing between one again is a more aesthetic issue than longevity."Without a doubt, most of the materials in the box of a clock, regardless of the material (steel, gold, titanium, platinum or ceramics) can be preserved for a lifetime, all depending on how the clock takes care of ...", they count from Audemars Piguet, Count work "with materials that can be repaired or replacement in time to avoid any modification on the clock and remain always original."

"Manufacturing has taken artisanal finishes in all types of materials to the highest level," they continue from the house."Therefore, the same manual finishing is seen regardless of the models of each of our collections from a chronograph to a great complication."

The movements

Comprar un reloj de lujo: guía fácil para hacerse con el primero

Perhaps it is one of the issues that most dismiss those not initiated in watchmaking but, in broad strokes, it can be said that there are mechanical movements, which are those that need continuous energy (in turn, they can be manuals - giving rope to theCorona - or automatic - through the natural movement of the wrist -) or the quartz movement (the watch circuit is fed by a battery).Thus, it is the very essence of the clock and what will determine its precision and a good part of its quality, despite having good models in each of the groups.

Of course, this is a general outline, since then movements and calibers become more and more complex.So much so, that it is possible to find specifications in practically every watchmaking house, which can dedicate part of their team to investigate and develop unique and exclusive movements.For example, from Audemars Piguet they explain that they are "the Swiss High Watch brand with more complicated calibers under your credit."

"We work automatic movements in most of our models," they break down.“However, the manual string is still present in great creations of the brand.That said, we are very proud of the last caliber presented in 2021 with integrated chronograph created in-house, with column wheel and Flyback function, which allows the chronograph to be launched without stopping it or putting it to zero first ”.



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