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Cristiano Ronaldo is sincere as never before his love for Georgina Rodríguez

They are one of the most stable and envied couples of the international scene and about 400 million people follow each of their steps through the images they share with their day to day to day.Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez live one of their best professional and personal moments, and when they are waiting for the birth of their twins - which will add the fifth and sixth baby to the family - have taken another step to proclaim to the four winds the love that love thatfeel one for the other.It has been in a way that a few years ago nobody would have expected, but now their fans longed."It was like a click and he stayed in my head, that is the pure truth," said the player about the first time he saw his girl, also admitting that when building what they have now there was no explosion offeelings or at first glance, but it was little by little.

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With an indelible smile, the two have remembered those first moments in 2016 when their relationship began.The first time they crossed they realized that they had a special connection."Step by step we started talking more and things were a bit naturally, it was not immediateof several almost fortuitous and very short meetings.But even when everything seemed to have found their course, they came to them easy things: the tight schedule of the player joined the disease of the model's father and time spent without speaking and without seeing."He was superintendent, supermayor for his age...because we have been.I started to look, I kept interested, "explained Manchester United striker.

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However, there were no highly enough obstacles for Cristiano and Georgina, who managed to recover even that the general public knew what was happening between them."She is the woman of my life, no doubt," says the athlete with a smile and eyes of a man in love.With her she already has Alana Martina and now she waits two more children.Among them there is, in addition to that special chemistry that even fit in the distance the first day that they were seen, a similar family history that has joined them when creating their own."At first I never thought I was going to have this magnitude, that I was going to fall in love with her, I didn't expect it, really," admitted the player, who remembers how he was going to look for her at the exit of work in Bugattis to take her homeAnd dinner together.

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His love story crosses all the screens and on every occasion where we have been able to see them together it has been clear that Georgina's support, both personally and family level, is key for Cristiano to be where he is now.The long hours of training, machaque in the gym, the demanding diet and routine of an elite athlete can only be carried out with a relentless support network."Have a woman by your side to give you that stability...Children's education is great, "he admitted.In the same way, Cris serves as a rosette stone to understand the fame she has achieved.

Cristiano Ronaldo se sincera como nunca sobre su amor por Georgina Rodríguez

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"I like to surround myself with those who inspire me to be a better person every day and who give me good energy," said the young woman, who has turned this Thursday 28 years old, in her first statements to the magazine HELLO!In August 2017, when she was pregnant with her first daughter.Now there is no differentiation between Alana Martina and the other three children in the house, all are her children, and so much Christian Jr.As Mateo and Eva have found in the model the best mother who could have wished, without a doubt one of the reasons why the striker fell in love with her until the trancas."As a mother for me is one of the most important things because we have four children, and she is a pillar," said CristianIt is a bit short if you do not have a woman like her, it would be much more difficult, I have no doubt about that ".

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Although Gio - as a Christian flame - often shares details about his routine, the player is more reserved and prefers to maintain his privacy in regard to his children and his partner.Of course the great ads, such as the pregnancy of twins or the arrival in the world of Alana Martina, continue to be part of their publications, but we had never seen the maximum historical scorer of the Portuguese selection to speak in so much detail and love about their relationship.After all, the model has followed the ball of the ball even when being with him meant to leave his life in Madrid to move to another country, where he also knew that he would not stay for many years since after Turin was Manchester and who knows whatThe future will hold.Do not forget that CR7 is 36 years old and, although it continues to be one of the best of the Red Devils, your career on the grass has to come to an end at some point.

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In the beginning, Georgina did not know how much could interest his relationship with Cristiano, to such an extent that when they made their first trip together, to Paris, he did not think there could be photographers trying to capture his moments together.The player put on a wig, sunglasses and covered his neck with his girl's scarf trying to go unnoticed, but even the children recognized him while walking through Disneyland.It was then that Hello!He published the first images of the new and unknown new girlfriend of the most famous athlete in the world and began the madness that has taken us where we are now.That took place almost six years ago, in November 2016, and since then the one who was a luxury store has become the best life companion of the Portuguese striker.

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Georgina Rodríguez, the five intense years that changed her life

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