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Luxury mini bags, the trend you will want to have

We have been talking about mini bags since the summer and we have seen how many of our favorite influencers wore them to mock their husbands (yes, we are talking about Chiara Ferragni and her boyfriend, Fedez). Minibolsos de lujo, la tendencia que desearás tener Minibolsos de lujo, la tendencia que desearás tener

It all started with Jacquemus and his Le Chiquiti minibag, which the Italian wore in pink this summer and through stories they began to joke. He said to her: "Amore, what are you going to keep in that bag?" And she answered: “What matters to me is what they say about me”. Many more emerged from that joke, in which they made sure that in the minibag (215 euros) they would keep "the practical jokes", "the nonsense" and even "dignity". I wish all those stories had been saved in 'highlights' because they were hilarious.

Well, from summer until now we have seen how many brands, including Zara or Primark, picked up the baton of the mini-bag trend and readapted or relaunched their models to meet all expectations. And not only have they fulfilled them, but they have made us fall in love.

For example, the new Dior collection, Dioramour, has taken our breath away. With the colors of love as a flag and its iconic products as a banner, it has conquered us. Especially the Saddle model in lambskin (3,200 euros) in a vibrant color like the passion that holding it in our hands would produce.

Minibolsos de lujo, la tendencia que desearás tener

Another icon that we love is the Top of the Viv' Bag Micro by Roger Vivier (1,200 euros). A piece made with a metallic finish and valuable as a jewel thanks to the buckle of this mini-bag that is less than 20 centimeters long. With a piece like this one makes you want to go to any event every night. Is going to Mercadona considered going to an event? Hope so.

Something bigger but just as ideal is the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires (1,250 euros), which in addition to Rihanna we have also seen Chiara Ferragni and some of our most international influencers, such as Dulceida, wear.

Another microbag that has us in love is the Prada Galleria in saffiano leather.

With leather handles, it is an adjustable and removable leather shoulder strap with button closure and metal logo in a bag that is 15 centimeters high by 20 centimeters long. For 1,550 euros you can make it yours in this or in the other two colors available, tan and pink.

Another bag that we love in the minibag world is this mini crossbody bag from Furla, Swing model and Toni Onyx color, 18 centimeters in diameter and that you can make yours for 270 euros.

Finally, the bag that has made us sigh since, at the Paris fashion show, Gigi expelled the comedian who snuck onto the catwalk with all the style in the world and with this bag in her hand. We do not know the model yet, since we will have to wait for Chanel to show the new collection, however, there is one that is still a classic that we want to have and that (surprise, surprise) Chiara Ferragni also has.

We are talking about the small Chanel 2.55 bag, made of goatskin and silver metal that is 15 centimeters high and a color that, by no means, goes unnoticed. You want it? You will need 2,850 euros to be able to wear it in your most trendy looks and outfits.



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