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The 21 net bags that will catch you this spring/summer

We have to go back to 2017 to find the first traces of this new trend. At that time, net bags were only chosen as an accessory by the most advanced fashion prescribers of their time. We might think that his idea of ​​transforming a bag that was only related to shopping into the most talked about bag of the season was a matter of luck or chance, but Hillier Bartley had already included this type of design in his most recent collection (Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear) before those controversial street style photos were taken.

When they came out there were two opposite reactions, there were those who loved this "new complement" and those who only accepted it as a bag to store oranges or lemons. And, going further back, I remember the Vetements brand Fall 2017 lookbook where you could see a model carrying a mesh bag with a wallet and some apple beads inside it.

The concept of carrying it as the only bag did not convince me, too many holes and lack of zippers or security, the idea of ​​carrying it as a secondary bag did. In case I lost that bag whose cost didn't exceed €5 and whose contents weren't nearly as essential as what I carried in my main bag, it didn't hurt.

Los 21 bolsos de red que te atraparán esta primavera/verano

In France they call it filet and it was obviously originally designed for fishermen. In Japan it was (and is) used by clam collectors and in the Soviet Union it was known as avoska. Who would have thought that such affordable bags would cost a whopping €3,000? Vetements knew how to do business...


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Still, as much as the brand wanted to revalue the product and raise its price insanely, it was Staud who achieved resounding success with his Tan Moreau bag. If you don't remember the small brown bucket held by a natural net with leather handles, you weren't paying attention in 2018. The original design sold out, every fashionista wanted to have it in her wardrobe, street style photos were conquered and, for a few months, It seemed that there was no other bag on the face of the earth.

Today, in 2021, this trend that we steal from fishermen seems to have returned like a tsunami. Longchamp has presented Le Pliage Filet and it promises to become one of the bags of the spring/summer season. Personally, it has won me over. It is available in six colors and I imagine wearing it both in the city (with my personal belongings in a small bag) or on the beach (with my belongings in a waterproof bag).

In addition to the brand founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, there are others that have also opted for this type of net bag: Zara, Mango, Sophie and Lucie, Croixet, Sfera, Prada, Miu Miu, Jil Sander, Pull&Bear, Cult Gaia. .. Ready to see them everywhere?



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