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The luxury runaway in Dubai's horsepower races

The most important career (and one of the world), the World Cup, went to the ** Prince Abdullah, a member of the Saudi Royal Family, thanks to Argate, who has already won more than 15 million euros of eurosFor its owner. ABDULLAH (who was the one who gave the controversial Ferrari to Juan Carlos I) ** He is also owned by the mythical Frankel, perhaps the best horse in history, which now acts as a stallion and is priced in hundreds of millions of euros of.

Another monarchy of the Gulf, the Catarí royal family, had to settle for a second place obtained by Heshem, a horse raised in the Spanish mare of Felipe Hinojosa (one of Cortefiel's ex -deeons) that was sold to the Qatarís for a little less than less than100,000 euros.

El lujo desbocado en las carreras de caballos de Dubái

Less luck had the Irish owners of the Ballydoyle block, who, despite presenting several copies, could not take any victory.This conglomerate is formed by entrepreneurs such as Michael Tabor, one of the richest men in Great Britain, or John Magnier, another Irish billionaire well known in Marbella, where he has a spectacular mansion.



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