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Why don't Spanish buy Moynat bags

High French leather goods, one of the most exquisite luxury firms in skin treatment, and one of the great unknown in the Spanish market.In fact, as they warn in the heart of the Maison Moynat, in the 348 of Saint-Honoré in Paris, they barely have Spanish clientele.On the other hand, the distinguished house has boutiques, in addition to the French capital, in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong or Singapore, among other Asian cities.

The Moynat seed was sown in 1849, by the hand of the Blessed Occoi and François Coulembier, who joined Pauline Moynat, a specialist in travel items, to open their first store in Paris, converted over the years into the years into the yearsan entire institution, due to the thorough artisanal work that each of the products made.The firm reached its peak with the development of the car, becoming a reference in the design of accessories and luggage to attach to the trunk.

Throughout its history, Moynat has suffered more than one crisis and various changes of owners.His salvation table came in 2010, due to the personal effort of one of the world luxury magnates, Bernard Arnault.It was acquired by the Arnault group, the owner holding of LVMH, which revitalized and expanded the brand.In 2011, he inaugurated the elegant Saint-Honoré store, and commissioned his artistic direction to Ramesh Nair, formed in another of the great houses of luxury par excellence, Hermès.

Por qué las españolas no compran los bolsos de Moynat

The way of working a piece follows the thorough parameters of the carpentry, the same system with which leather was worked in the 18.A Moynat product has several identity signs.One of them is the absence of visible logos.It is the maximum exponent of what is understood by discreet luxury.Who looks a bag, whose price exceeds 3.500 euros, from the firm knows that it carries a unique piece, of a collector, and does not have to communicate it to the entire world through any symbol.

The leather pieces are treated as if it were a puzzle, they have to fit all with the same precision with which a Swiss watchmaker works.Like 168 years ago, bags are made in France by a single craftsman who supervises every detail.The traditions in this house are sacred, and the traditional and centenary wisdom is preserved and revived in more modern creations.One of the most emblematic models remains the Réjane bag, the first dedicated to an actress, which was launched in 1903, and that maintains female and curvilinear lines, in addition to a jewel -shaped lock, which revives the art Deco period.



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